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How To: Paint Interior Trim

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What you will need:

Wheel cleaner

Sand Paper (800 & 2000 grit)


Paint & Primer


Gloves or lint free cloth

Should take approximately 2 hours including drying time

Step 1: remove all the trim pieces you want painted from the car and get them laid out somewhere


Step 2: (This is probably the most important step) Now you need to prep all that stuff you want to paint it order for it to look good and for it to last.

Make sure there is no dust, grease or oils on any of the pieces. I have found myself that using Eagle 1 wheel cleaners works wonders when cleaning plastic parts for paint.


This product will rid the plastic of all oils like armor-all and skin oils and leave the surface dull and pretty much ready for paint.


Step 3: Now you wanna go ahead and tape off any areas that you don't want to get paint on like you vents and the edge of the shifter bezel.



If you decide to paint your clock tape that off to (be very careful when doing this part the clock can be a little tricky to tape off)


Step 4: Check your pieces for rough spots. If you see any smooth them out with some 800 grit sand paper (dont go rougher than 800 or your parts will look nasty)


Step 5: Place all your pieces on a nice clean surface for paint. At this point you don't want to be touching them with bare hands as your skin oils will make it hard for the paint to stick. Use gloves but or if you don't have gloves, I used a swiffer dusting cloth.


Step 6: Choose your paint I went with what I home for paint but you can use really any paint you want literally anything will work.


as a primer


for the paint

(you don't need clear for this project)

Step 7: Start with one light coat of primer



Step 8: One light coat of paint. Just enough to give your next coat something to stick to



allow a few minutes of drying time between coats

Step 9: Now you want to lay down a real wet coat. Make sure to cover the entire piece and lay it on thick but be careful not to let it run. Sweeping back in forth will allow for a nice even coat.



Step 10: Let it dry for at least 30 minutes but if you have an hour that would be ideal.

Step 11: Peel off tape and check for over spray.



If you found over spray, remove it with 2000 grit sand paper



Don't go rougher than 2000 grit or you risk ruining your fresh paint the over spray should come off easily


Step 12: Throw a coat of wax on your new paint. Its new might as well add some extra shine. ( any spray wax will work just fine)


Step 13: Now you have your finished product. Admire it and install back into car.


Step 14: Admire the new look of your interior



Thank you for reading!

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You know the a/c vents just pop right out lol.

Great write-up though. I'm currently in the process of painting my valve covers and i'm basically using the same process.

Make sure to get some day pics of the final result!

Mine don't the plastic on the back is sorta melted together but it looks factory so idk why its like that. It has little pin like thing that stick through the back and are flatened at the end so they don't come off

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did mine a few years ago but went a little further to do a stripe and clear it all as well. Love it since and got alot of compliments on it. Was suprised how just making all the flat plastic gloss that it freshened the interior up.


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