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Gauge cluster question

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I have white face gauge cluster out of a cobra. They look awesome, especially after I cleaned them up! The plastic front piece is so shitty, the one off my car was trash too. Is there somewhere that sells just the plastic piece? All the ones I've seen on the cars in the junkyard are just as bad.

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True, wet sand will do the trick. Or if the scratches aren't too bad, most plastic polish will smooth over the surface for you.

when you come to me I'll polish it up for you sweet heart :)

You talking to Liz or me?? ;)

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Meh, why not both lmao.

Liz, like I was telling you for headlight restoration.

I would wet sand like Scott said, however, instead of clearing it, once your a 2000 use a compound, then a polish. When I do headlights, I actually follow up my polish with brasso, works exceptionally well, then do some sealant and a couple coats of wax, good to go, and it'll feel nice and soft :)

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