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GARAGE SALE RULES!!! Please Read Before You Post

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The rules have now been Stuck to the top of each for sale section...

They are simple and easy to follow, If you have any questions please feel free to PM Me.

Seller Rules/Information

The Classifieds is a free service the SN95Source offers to it's members.

The SN95Source is not responsible for any ads posted in the classifieds as well as any resulting losses or damages incurred from use of the classifieds so use at your own risk.

A minimum post count requirement has been enacted to limit posting abilities in the classifieds sections.

You must have 100 posts to post in the classified section

You must fill out the pre-formatted list below

You may bump your for sale thread ONCE a day.

When you are ready to post your ad, please remember to include the following information:

The "For Sale" format...



Means of Contact:




Not complying with these rules is subject to warning or possible thread lock until they are met.

Buyer Rules

1) Misconduct will not be tolerated.

2) Be mindful of what you post in other's ads.

3) Respect asking prices. Sellers can ask whatever they want.

4) If you feel it is too much, you may make a reasonable offer, but do not trash their ad telling them they are asking for too much.

To handle misconduct, a three strike policy has been enacted in the classifieds.

-First violation will be your post edited/deleted, a warning and a pm explaining your violation.

-Second violation will come with your post being edited/deleted, infraction given, and a pm.

-Third violation will result in post edited/deleted, infraction and up to a 1 Month Ban. "Based on level of violation"

SN95Source holds no responsibility for a transaction gone bad, we hold no responsibility for fraudulent, incomplete, or incorrect purchases or sales.

It behooves both seller and purchaser to gather and verify as much information as possible from the other party before entering into a transaction.

In the event that a transaction goes bad, SN95Source will not be responsible for rectification of said transaction, nor will we be able to assist you in ensuring said completion of transaction.

We do not condone the selling of stolen goods.

If it is reported or found to be true, your information will be passed on to the Authorities.

We also encourage members to use Paypal. Is it is used world wide and is one of the most secure ways to transfer money online.

But beware of sending money through PayPal as a gift, doing so eliminates the ability to file a claim through PayPal on the transaction, leaving you with no way to recover your money.SN95Source can not be responsible for members being ripped off so protect yourself.

If you see anyone breaking these rules or posting obvious scam, please click the "REPORT POST" button, one of the mods will take care of it.

We will not tolerate any type of spam or our members being ripped off on our site.

-SN95Source Staff

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