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Having issues with Steam

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So recently I've been having nothing but issues when trying to PC game. I've been trying to play CS:GO and DayZ (Arma II) with little to no luck.

Sometimes when I try to play CS:GO via Steam it won't find servers etc so I back out of the game to relaunch and I notice that my Steam Friends List has an error saying it lost the connection to Steam and it will auto reconnect when the connection returns. Which basically right after I get out of the game it returns. I've noticed that my PING goes from 60s to 300ish randomly. I'm on a wireless connection. No one else is using it when I try to game.

Things I've Done:

Reconfigured Router's Port Forwarding to what Steam has for requirements

Read and tested multiple Steam KB articles for Network Connectivity, etc

Updated Router Firmware to latest

Normal power cycles / reboots

Made sure Steam was fully updated

"Verified Integrity Of Game Cache" option in Steam for CS:GO

Verified Steam is not downloading

Verified no background applications would be a cause

Reconfigured AVG Internet Suite Firewall

• Removed all Steam exceptions and restarted Program to have firewall "re-learn"

• After that I checked and made sure everything was set to "Allow All"

• Even turned off the Firewall and tried to play with the same results

Uninstalled and allows Windows 7 to reinstall NIC drivers

Made sure NIC drivers were up to date

Looking for some other ideas as I'm sure you can imagine I'm getting pretty irritated at this point.

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