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8/31/2012 Is Here.

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Me n bob (01yellercobra) Have been talking about getting together for a meet for awhile. So we deciede this friday we are going too. So any off you San Diego guys that would like to show up and talk shop you're welcome to show up. We figure we'll be there around 7 or 8 so people can get home from work and relax for a few. Its gonna be at North County Fair In Escondido.


272 East Via Rancho Parkway, Escondido, CA 92025

They have plenty off food around if we get hungry also.


If you plan on showing up and doing burnouts and driving stupid i wont hesitate to bounce you outta the parking lot. This isnt the place for it. Act like a mature adult and have a good time. We dont need the drama.


^^ This AGAIN. Anyone down to bang.....

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What's wrong with burnouts

Nothing is wrong with burnouts. But we dont want that at our hangouts. Thats when the cops show up and hassle people. Thats why all the hangout spots get shut down. Cause dumbfucks who want to show off ruin it for everyone.

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