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89 lx coupe

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Hey guys doing a thread for a friend of mine who's car im

building. He was shot 6 times last year some of you may remember me talking about it on the forums at the beginning of the year, well he spun a bearing last summer in his car and now he has the parts stock piled for his new 331 stroker. So yesterday I loaded up my dually with my engine hoist and some tools and went over and pulled the engine. This guy is one of my best friends so I'm doing it all for free he's paralyzed now so we will be doing hand controls in the car.

Motor consists of

Locally built 331 stroker from local reputable engine builder

Edelbrock performer rpm cyl heads 2.02"

edelbrock performer rpm 2 manifold endurashine

Custom cam from comp ill grab the card

It's 9.7-1 compression because a blower will be added at some point.

Parts needed still

roll cage

fuel rails


Harmonic balancer


Ill post some pics later. I built this car outta spare parts last year bought the roller for cheap built it in a few days and sold it to my friend for 3k then he dumped another 3k into it before picking it up lol .

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