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Sticky tires...

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Bought a set of Nitto NT01 in 255/40R17, which are basically a DOT-R compound, to do the road course/autox stuff with instead of tearing up my street tires. They will be mounted on some black bullitt wheels I bought off eBay..... Pics to follow, the wheels will be here the 4th, tires on the next day. I'll post a review of them, along with some video. I hope to see a huge improvement over street tires on the track. Here's a pic, not my tires but the same thing....mmfp_1001_04_o+2003_ford_mustang_mach_1+nitto_nt01.jpg

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I hope I can get used to them that quickly... got a two day event this weekend, and took them out and drove them a bit on the street to get some heat cycles in them.... holy shit do they hook up!... way stickier and more responsive than the street tires, thats for sure. weird to not spin tires in the 1-2 shift... haha.

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