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First time with a porter cable

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Alright, I'll preface this by saying I do know how to run a buffer. As most of you know, I build boats for a living, and have buffed lots of gel coat with orbital buffers. That's the main reason I felt comfortable buying one of these.

However, after use, it was pretty apparent a novice shouldn't have any trouble, they just may not get the results they're looking for.

Now, first vehicle I just have two shots of, it's my dads truck, and the picture is only up to the glaze stage. He was my test pig, well, his rear panel was, now it's funny because it looks like we painted the bed of the truck :)

These deep scratches I could not get out, it might be possible with a heavier compound, idk yet.

The products used:

Stripped the wax off with dawn, and clay barred with a griots garage clay bar.

Used and orange lake county pad with Optimum Hyper Compound

Used the white pad with Optimum Hyper Polish

Applied with The black finishing pad obsessive details glaze.

Jet seal 109 and then Chemical Guys 50/50

Comments on the products:

I see why people order detailing stuff online instead of over the counter so to speak. I've never had waxes, polishes, sealants, etc come off so easily with so much time left to sit on.

The compound, had minimal dusting, I'm not usually a beleiver in spray anything, but it worked great, though I bet M105 cuts a little deeper, the Jeep I did did not need it.

Don't think the polish dusted at all.

You could feel a difference in the smoothness of the paint after I applied the glaze, it was smooth after polishing, but the glaze just made everything super soft.

I'm unsure how people spend tons and tons of time on vehicles, I did the Jeep in 8 hours, with a lot, a lot, a lot of breaking, those halogens are just too dang hot haha! Anyhow, I know you are just here for pics :)



I was asked if that's a bullet hole. No, Lemme splain. We got this truck in like 2001, it's a 98 f-150, and the 2V had spun a rod. Got it for $1500, in immaculate condition. The day after it was fixed and on the road, somebody side swiped it while we were at my Grandmas house. It is factory fender flares, and the guy just ripped it right off. It's a work truck (clearly, deep scratches) and my dad just never cared to get it fixed.


This is a before, but the halogens really helped the paint look better on camera. The fender and the hood don't match at all, there is no gloss to speak of in the fender, anyhow, this the only before worth showing lol. This is after clay already.


Wtf is that thing ;p


My buddy (the lightning owner, and boyfriend of the jeep owner) trying to check over me ha


Residue from the compound, note the beach towel method covering the windshield.


My buddys woman, a girl who actually cares about her vehicles. She loved it when I was done :)


Another forum member (SilverV6)



The white tee was slowing me down, had to engage redneck Joe Dirt Wifebeater mode.


Brought it outside this morning :)



If you remember it not matching before, well, it matches now.


This paint has sooo much depth now.

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that paint looked really good already, so I had that working to my advantage. I'll admit, there is still some swirls in it that I missed, but it's waaaay better.

I feel like white would be a really tough color anyhow though, don't feel bad.

You will develop an eye for it. For the longest time I couldn't see scratches in gel coat. Now I hate looking at boats because they all look so terrible to me lol

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Very well done. Bring this with you when you come to SD and you can do mine too :victorious:

Ha, I really wouldn't mind. I always work when I go to visit people :)

White IS a pain in the butt. You can't see the swirls very well until after you're done in direct sunlight.

Ha I know, trust me I know

Good work germy!!!

Thanks Frank :D

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