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Cheap Bottle Warmer

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All this talk about nitrous lately just reminded me of something I used many moons ago, back when I still had the 99 Cobra. A guy on another forum came up with this idea and even made a video about it and convinced me to buy one. I wanted to try this out myself since I was in the market for a bottle heater but man are they expensive. Its a sodium acetate heating pad used by many to heat their lower backs after a long day of working. Here is the video with better details.

I did not buy it directly from him, I bought mine through ebay as a medium then later upgraded to a large. The medium covers about half of the 10lb bottle but the large covers almost 75%. Some of them come with a strap and blankets the heat to the bottle already like the one I got.


It took my bottle about 25 minutes or so to get up to 950psi with the Large version and strap/blanket but a neat trick to get that bottle to get up to temperature in about 10 minutes (Yes, 10 minutes), put the pad in boiling water, wait about 15 minutes, and then strap it to your bottle. Once you reach operating temps you can click it so it can maintain that pressure. It doesn't get hot enough to increase pressures upwards of 1000psi so it maintains 900-950psi pretty good.

I didn't have a bottle warmer at that time because I didn't want to spend money on it but if you already have a bottle warmer, put this thing on and it'll reach operating temperatures pretty quick on cold days and then just maintain pressure with the bottle warmer. Hope this helps someone.

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You can piece together a bottle heater for not too much money. I think ARCheat still sells the adjustable pressure control switch for around $55, and the heating blanket for around $80. I'd have to go back and look. Then it's just a few more dollars for a switch, relay, a couple AN fittings and some wire.


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