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Number Tew

Tew Detailed 1998 Mustang GT

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Alright, this is the third car I've attacked with a PC, and I think it came out worlds better. You can still see some imperfection, I just couldn't get some of it out, even with the M105.

Biggest focus here is the front passenger fender, it was white from oxidization and crazy scratches. Most of the roof was the same way.


Wash - Megs car soap

Clay - soapy water and obsessive detail claybar

Compound - The Optimum hyper spray compound would not cut the fender, after multiple passes I almost gave up. However, I remembered a local auto parts store that sold M105, and from the videos I watched online, that's supposed to be the heaviest cutting compound you can get. Making a note - it dusts like crazy! It really helped get the job done. I compounded the whole front of the car and roof with M105, then followed up with the optimum spray.

Polish - Optimum Spray Polish - this is great stuff, easy to work with and seems to have tons of working time.

Glaze - Obsessive Details glaze

Sealant - jetseal 109

Wax - Chemical Guys 50/50

Anyhow - pics:


The fender in question






We put the factory hood back on, the initial faded one is just a primed cobra one, sorry for the deception ha


This is either roof or trunk



After compound and polish, no glaze yet.


In the sun: you can see that whole fender didn't come out perfect, the edges refused to comply, but I gave it my all.




Still some mild impurity in the paint, too deep for compound.




Mild stuff that would not come out. This is the trunk


Zoomed in too far on the rolling shot ;p

Anyways, that's what I've got ha!

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Jolly, I can't wait to do yours, here in the next few weeks we'll look at it. Not fo free though, I'm giving my friends nice discounts though :)

Steve, you fly me out there, I'll bring the schtuffs :D

And yes, you definitely need a garage, thats the downside, I don't have one, luckily the next few people lined up and the first two had garages for me to hide the car in for hours.

We did this one till 5AM ha!

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Damn. I need you to come down and do my 'vert!!! I'll wash it and clay bar it, but I don't have the rest of the stuff :D

Always down for business, would be interested to see how yellow pops when its super clean :)

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