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NorthStar Dragway no prep race

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Single stupidest "let's ignore every safety rule ever made" racing I have ever seen

Let's have a no prep race to see how many people can hit the wall!!! Great idea!!

What, were the track EMT's complaining they didnt have enough work so they set this up?

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hell I wouldn't I would be down there to watch the show! I mean if they are going to go through the trouble of making a special event to wreck their cars I think it would just be rude of you to not go watch, point and laugh at them.....

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Some guys have bigger balls then others...

ever noticed that if you put together a dumb ass and a guy with big balls is hard to tell them apart? At least until the first accident....

wonder how many big balls got put back together afterwards?

no but honestly I give them kudos for doing it on a track where at least its as safe as can be considering what they are doing. I would like to think that I would be the guy with big balls but that will not stop dumb ass next to me from loosing control and smacking my balls... I think we could all agree that there were more then a few that should have peddled instead of staing on it, or even worse trying to get back on it to get ahead of the other guy and ended up taking them both out.

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