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Tank to fuel rail lines?

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Yes it can be quite expensive. When I went return style, the products alone costed me about 1200 bucks. Division X hat, dual Walbro pumps, -8an feed line, Fore fuel rails, Aeromotive A1000 fuel pressure regulator, -6an return line, 80lb injectors, Fuel Lab -8an fuel filter, yup, shit was expensive as hell.

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Custom fuel systems are pricey on my fox I made the lines out of aluminum they seem to be working well. My sn is going full stainless braided sumped tank a1000. After not finishing it this year I'm about to take the leap to a more serious race car build

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i found people who were finishing their projects with leftover stainless. i bought the remainder. the biggest expense was all the fittings.

CPR fuel rails - craigslist new but price used. 60$

A1000 - pump, controller, filters and regulator. 600$ from summit. guestimate.

sumped tank. stock tank modified. 17gallon capacity.

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