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Bfg kdw drag radials

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What is the general consensus on these? I might pick up a used set to hold me over until I have cash for a new set of rears. They're about half thread life and the guy is asking 300. How well do they hook? How long will they last? Do you know from experience or hear say? If they're worth it I'll buy em tomorrow. Lmk!

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I love them. Best DR I've run. WAY better than the Nittos (IMO). I ran them on 18x10 (295/35/18). Lasted awhile for an R compound tire. Didn't take much to heat them up, hooked nicely, very well mannered on the street. Did ok in the rain. And I even ran them in the snow a bit (Life in MN - got caught by a surprise snow and didn't have my wheels swapped...what can I say.)

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