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Kyle's 95 H/C/I Build

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I just started buying some parts so I decided this would be a good time to start a build thread. A little background info on the car:

95 Mustang GT

Aode to T5 swap

Current Mods:


FRPP 3.73's

MGW Short throw

BBK o/r H

Magnflow Magnapack mufflers

BBK cai


MM c/c plates

MMR front coilovers w/ Lakewood 90/10 struts

MM adj. rear control arms

Lakewood 50/50 shocks

Eibach lowering springs


Junkyard gt40 heads

gt40 intake (have)

F303 cam (purchased)

Trick Flow drop in valve springs (purchased)

Comp Cams timing chain (purchased)

255lph pump (purchased)

Delete a/c and smog

Wire tuck + paint engine bay

Goal is ~260-265hp and run low 13's or hopefully high 12's

The car:



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Right on sounds like it should be a good little combo with the work you already have done. With a sticky tire and a good driver it's possible to run 12's with that setup

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