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Some rollin shots from today.

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Self explanatory. This is after the Cars and Coffee meet this morning. My sister was shooting them, and yes, a lot of them are.. weirdly angled lol. Silly artist. Also, I'm too lazy to pick the best, so you get to look through most of em :love:








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Lol, thanks guys. She's not as clean as the pictures make her out to be, but I still like her ;]. She really needs a cobra front and a repaint on the back bumper. Not to mention the interior issues.

And will do Brian!

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Awesome pictures! ...what have you done for the front suspention to get the rake like that? ..looks awesome, a little like Det_Riot's car except he has the staggered look too.

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I'm running coil-overs all around, so I just dropped it down yesterday for going to the car show/pictures. Normally I run it about 1-2 inches higher.

What brand are you running? ..any you can recommend?

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