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My ghetto DIY FOpro drag setup.

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I absolutely used an old flip camera, used some silicone over the mic to cut down wind noise.. Ill be trying it in the track soon..



Here's a sneak peek, kinda hard to judge, but should still be cool..


Still kinda hard to test with it not being exactly street legal yet lol..

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Yeah I woulda used a suction mount, but.. They don't stick to satin shelled paint too well.. Lol i now from experience, I like certain go pro angles and the glass mounts don't cut it for me.. And thanks Alex that's my freebie CF hood that I refurbished..

The hold up in the car is I can't get the highway patrol to certify the car as a street legal car with the modifications..and they want it reverted to stock form to certify it, and that alone would be a lot of work lol.. So it will most likely be a trailered track car since I have the tubs ready along with the rest of the back half, and I've decided to boost my beater for a fun lil turbo autoX car.. Now if I can find a v6 shell or any sn95 platform shell, then ill just cut and swap all of my stuff on it, and then it'll still be a straight titled car, until then it's a dedicated bracket car..

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I made an inside camera mount years ago using conduit, u-bolts and a cheap tripod. Just cut the conduit so it fit between the front seats, marked holes to the u-bolts fit around the headrest posts, drilled those out, took the camera mount piece off the tripod, drilled a hole to mount that, added some wing nuts for quick on/off, sprayed it black so it looked pretty, done

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