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Junk Yard Upgrades!

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This was posted on another site and I thought it was a great idea for us V6 owners.

Credits goes to "mobileaudio219" for this idea and post.

I searched and didn't find anything regaurding good junkyard finds, so I was hoping we could get a good list going and make it a sticky.


Windstar Intake

GT throttle body

Split port swap (for single port cars)

4.2 f150 swap (add displacement)

Super Coupe (super charger set-up)


8.8" rearend (upgrade your stock 7.5") http://3.7mustang.com/wiki/Rear_Axles_That_Fit

Explorer Gears for 8.8" rearends (A lot came with 3:55's, 3:73's, and 4:10 gears)

Alum Diff Covers (S/C & 5.0 thunderbirds - crown vics and grand marquis) for 8.8 rears only

Tlok from an 84-86 Mustang GT (7.5 rearend)

3.73s and 4.10s from a 4 cyl Ranger (7.5)

Alum. Drive shaft from 92-97 Ford Aerostar


PBR Brakes (Good upgrade for sn95's)

Cobra Brake Upgrade


GT sway bars Front

Bullitt springs

Mach 1 Bolt on Sub-frame connectors

GT/ Mach 1 rear sway bar


96-98 Taillights (swap your 94-95 taillights for the vertical style)

Mach 1 Chin Spoiler

Cobra front bumper

Most Ford seats will bolt in (or atleast to your tracks), or do a little fab work and bolt in pretty much anything.

GT Hood Scoop

GT Fog Light Switch

GT Fog Light Housings

GT Front/Rear Bumpers

GT, Cobra, Saleen, etc Wheels


GT Exhaust.

Post up your favorite JUNKYARD finds and add to my list.

I'm trying to only include items that are COMMON junk yard items or that can be had CHEAP via craigslist or off of the various mustang forums... Basically just trying to include the budget mods.

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Never find half of this in the yard but its interesting =]] Ive been looking for an 8.8 and windstar swap buttttt they take all the motors out around here.

In that case, I'd think your best shot is craigslist or cars being parted out on different forums.








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