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iTunes can eat a dick

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I just updated the software and they completely changed everything.... Fine, I understand you wanted to change the layout. With this change though everything was sent to the magical land of un-organization. Once I downloaded all the songs of the fawking stupid cloud I changed the title names to match where I want them to reside in my music on my phone. Well all of my Disney tunes labeled stuff now reside with the "A's" and somehow a "S" labeled artist ended up in "A" as well. I didn't think it would roll over onto my phone but low and behold it's duplicated and the "S" artist didn't show up at all. It's not fucking difficult Apple, I want my shit labeled a certain way and organized properly. I think I'm done with Apple.

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I have been happy about using my phone as an mp3 player till I dropped it the other day and now it will not read the memory chip. I have been considering modifying the stock 94-95 pull-out cup holder to hold an ipod touch as I think it would be the perfect size. Does anyone know if I did that if I would still be able to play my mp3's on a non-apply mp3 player after I have to move everything over to itunes for the ipod?

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I keep a spare laptop in the house just for Itunes so the kids and wife can load up their ipods/iphones. Refuse to put that crap software on any of my decent pc's.

Thing I really hate is how it seems that every time I look at the laptop Itunes wants to upgrade...again

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