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the old man rockin my wheels on his crown vic!

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sold my wheels to my dad a while ago, he came by this mourning for me to put them on for him. i think they look pretty good on his '04 crown vic.


front tires a little flat, haha.

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yea, he wants bigger tires before summer. he is anti 20's on anything, lol. i'm kinda shocked he likes these. i talked him into getting them from me, lol. i knew he'd dig them once they were on. he does :)

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I agree with everyone. They look fantastic on his Crown Vic but definitely needs the tire. Once he gets them like you said he wants to, it's going to look even better! Thanks for posting.


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what he is wanting is really a wider tire more than a taller one. he got excited when he realized the rears were wider than the fronts. needs a tad bit more tire in the rear to be perfect. i would be happy with it now, but he's like a lot of you. hates low low, profile tires.

here's his '04 s/c'd gto. he dont like these tires either, lol.



he bought the wheels and tires as a package. i hate wheel & tire packages, lol.

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