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HELP?!! What fuel pump?

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OK most of you know I bought a 2004 gt and I am about to procharge it. Now this returnless fuel system is being a pain in the ass. What fuel pump would you all recommend for this setup? I dont want to go with a dual setup yet so I need help!! Will the Aeromotive stealh 340lhp work in the returnless system? Im looking at getting about 400-430 rwhp with all of my mods ill be doing

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Per their website:


Mustang 1985-1997 340 Stealth Pump except 96-97 Cobra 11140

Mustang Cobra 1996-1997 Aeromotive 340 Stealth 11142

Probe GT 1988-1992 Aeromotive 340 Stealth 11141

1993-1997 Aeromotive 340 Stealth 11142

*Crown Vic/Mercury Marauder 2003-2004 Aeromotive 340 Stealth 11142


"3.) Q: My vehicle year/make/model does not have a listing in the 340 Stealth Pump application guide. Which 340 Stealth Pump should I buy?A: If your vehicle is not listed in the Aeromotive Application Guide for 340 Stealth pumps, or the vehicle is listed but TBD is noted instead of a specific fuel pump P/N, than a direct fit version of the 340 Stealth Pump is not currently available. It is true that most any fuel pump can be made to fit into any fuel tank, given substantial modifications be made to either or both, but Aeromotive does not know or recommend what modifications would be required, or what performance level or service life would be achievable.

Purchasing and then installing a 340 Stealth Pump into vehicles that are not listed in the application guide requires unknown modifications be made to the fuel tank and possibly other fuel system components. Doing so places all responsibility for performance and service life on the purchaser/installer, in which case Aeromotive cannot guarantee a satisfactory outcome.

5.) Q: I know the 340 Stealth Pump is not available in a model recommended for my particular application, what modifications do I have to make to my car and/or my fuel system to successfully install and use a 340 Stealth Pump?

A: Again, nothing is impossible, any EFI pump may possibly be made to work in any vehicle application if sufficient and correct modifications are made to fit and support it. However, Aeromotive cannot recommend what specific modifications must be made for vehicles that are not listed in the 340 Stealth Pump application guide.

It’s important to understand that each OEM fuel system is carefully engineered to work as a system, consisting of a group of components, all of which are designed to work together, including tank baffling, filters, line sizes, containment modules, regulators, fuel rails, injectors and electrical power and control systems. Modifications to one part of the system may require unknown modifications to other parts of that system. Extensive knowledge of the entire OEM fuel system is required before attempting modifications to specific parts of that system.

Careful attention must be paid to all aspects of the fuel delivery system when a pump as powerful as the 340 Stealth Pump is installed. We can’t prevent someone from trying a 340 Stealth pump in any vehicle, but it is advised that one does careful research, testing, and to ensure they understand that YRMV (your results may vary), and in fact, may be unsatisfactory. In these cases, success or failure is entirely the responsibility of the purchaser/installer. Aeromotive technicians are happy to discuss unique applications, including potential pros and cons, but they cannot recommend specific modifications required for applications not listed.

6.) Q: My car was manufactured after 1999 and came equipped with a “return-less” fuel system, will the 340 Stealth Pump work with factory fuel systems like this?

A: The Aeromotive Stealth 340 Pump is typically not listed as compatible with OEM returnless fuel systems, for good reason. The advent of the “returnless” fuel system, introduced by the OEM for passenger cars in 1999, was created in response to new, more stringent EPA, EEC (evaporative emissions control) regulations which took effect in that year. That a system would be classified as “returnless” does not necessarily mean that it does not have a bypass style regulator, only that the regulator is before the engine, perhaps on the frame rail or even in the tank. In fact even the most sophisticated “returnless” systems from Ford Motor Company, where the speed of the pump is extensively varied to control pressure, have integral bypass mechanisms that promote flow through the pump’s electric motor for cooling purposes.

What is most important to understand is that today’s “returnless” systems are extensively engineered as a system and very finely balanced, including intricate confinement reservoirs in which the pump is fitted, siphon-jet pumps that are used to transfer fuel within the tank(s) and into the reservoir (and which are often fed from special ports in the OEM pump), integral remote regulators in the tank or reservoir and sophisticated electronics, all of which must work together to provide fuel tank level, fuel pump flow, and pressure, necessary to meet the factory engine’s torque and horsepower production. Of course, all of these fuel system components are engineered around the OEM pump and its flow, pressure and current draw characteristics.

Installation of a fuel pump like the 340 Stealth into today’s “returnless” systems, when you consider that it flows 2-3 times as much volume, draws 2-3 times as much current and is not necessarily the exact size and configuration of the pump it replaces, will very probably throw the OEM fuel system substantially out of balance, and if run for any length of time, may very well damage either the fuel system components or the 340 Stealth Pump itself.

Modifications can be made to the OEM “returnless” fuel system, to the various hydraulic components and electrical supply, to incorporate such a 340 Stealth Pump, and it has been done successfully and with amazing results, BUT, it truly requires re-engineering much of the OEM fuel system components and controls, and is not something the average enthusiast will be capable of handling on their own. For this reason you won’t find recommendations for the 340 Stealth pump to be used in returnless fuel systems in Aeromotive’s application guide.

7.) Q: My car has a “return-less” fuel system and uses a driver module to use “pulse modulation” to vary the speed of the pump, thereby controlling fuel system flow and pressure (common in, but not exclusive to, Ford vehicles including Mustangs 1999 to present). Can the 340 Stealth Pump be pulse modulated without damaging it?

A: Much of the answer to this question can be found in 340 Stealth FAQ #6 with respect to the “returnless” part of this question, but with specific regard to the “pulse modulation” aspect, unlike most aftermarket in-tank style pumps, the Aeromotive 340 Stealth Pump is fully compatible with aggressive speed control strategies. One of the many features that make the 340 Stealth pump unique is the “turbine” style pumping mechanism. This type of pump is much more tolerant of the aggressive type of “Pulse Modulation” method of controlling pump speed, employed by the factory engineers, to create flow and control fuel pressure.

Unlike positive displacement pumping mechanisms, “turbine” rotors are not radically affected by the inertial forces related to the aggressive starting and stopping that is caused by the low frequency pulse modulation needed to vary fuel pressure by up to 30 PSI. Aggressive pulse modulation can “cog” a conventional pumping mechanism to pieces by locking it up in both directions on a continuous basis. The Aeromotive Stealth 340 Pump features the same “turbine” style pumping mechanism used by many OEM’s in these same applications, providing potentially excellent reliability in a speed controlled fuel system which has been properly re-engineered to take advantage of the Stealth 340’s high-flow capabilities."

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Grrrr, well idk lets see what brett says. I'm currently running one of the 340lph from lethal performance courtesy of bert. If his car was returnless, he should be able to solve this question.....BRETTTTTT I SUMMON YOU!!!

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