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Valentine's Day Project

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My fiance has a '99 Chevy Z71. He's basically done nothing to it, but it's a really clean truck. Last night he found a set of wheels he liked on FB for sale for $250, he asked me what I though and I noticed they had been for sale since October last year so I told him he could probably get them for less. Well, he did. The wheels were on a mud truck so they're nasty! I spent last night cleaning and polishing one for him, so I told him for Valentine's day I'll do the other 3 today.





That's what the last 3 look like right now. This is literally the first time I've ever polished wheels. I don't even wash the ones on my car...

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I washed them, cleaned them with nevr dull and polished them with Mothers. I was gonna do some more stuff to try to get rid of the pitting but my fiance was like don't waste your time lol. They look way better than they did though! I only spent like an hour on them, probably could've took more time but they're gonna get put on the truck and go through mud everyday so there's no point lol.





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