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DAS Explorer! WTF is this DAS shit..

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Got a new ride so I figured I would post up some pics. Its for me but lettibg the wife drive it untill we get here a newer car. Hope fully its soon so I can start to collect parts for a lift and some real tires :) pretty clean inside and out but needs a new center console lid...


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Its a 1998 4x4 2D Sport 4.0 ohv 5 Speed auto 5r55e with 141k on the clock. Already ripped out the rear mono leafs for a real set of leafs from a 97 4 door explorer. Also installed a k&n filter, changed oil, slapped some new wipers on It and undercoated it with rust prevention shit. Only paid 1k for the truck so I had to grab it. Everything works great so thats a plus to....

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Lol thanks guys, it reminds me of a smaller under powered bronco hahah... The wife is driving it right now but I hope soon I can start to drive it. Just did a ton of work to it to make it nicer and got the windows tinted. Hope to hold on to it for a while. 18-20Mpg with mixed driving ain't to bad. Last week it averaged 18mpg. Here are a few pics I took after tint...y8uraqun.jpg


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