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Anyone got interior wiring diagrams?

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Decided I'm gonna mess around with the wiring for my center console today but can't find anything online anywhere -__- I have a 94 center console wiring harness and the one from my terminator console sitting infront of me but can't find anything online. My car isn't here or i'd just go run outside to check.

From what I can tell, the 8 wire gray plug on the 94 harness is the one that plugs into the body. The black and gray plugs with 4 wires are for foglights/convertible top. The next set of plugs are for the ashtray light and cigarette lighter. After this, it's more wiring for another cigarette lighter....is this one the one that wraps up towards the front of the car again for the shifter bezel cigarette lighter?

Thanks Guys!

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After going to it, I've been to the site before but never knew what it was called exactly. And they don't have anything talking about the center console harness as a whole, just the switch for the vert top

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