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Drivers side door, weather stripping etc. I NEED HELP!!!

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Please feel free to answer any or all of the below questions and any input advice would be greatly appreciated.

Okay, can I find this weather stripping anywhere? I have looked everywhere


What about this?


On to the next problem, same side of car, I've always had a problem with my window going up too much and getting snagged on the a piller thing.. any idea on how to fix that? See below..



On to the next thing, same side... This may be related to the above issue but I'm not sure, when it rains it leaks where my finger is inserted on the below picture, is this a weather strip problem? Or a window problem? Does anyone know where to find weather stripping for a 95 convertible? See below



Last and final issue, same side...

My drivers door is rubbing on the front quarter panel, any way to fix that? Do I need to adjust the door? I'm worried about the potential of rust and would like to fix it. See below...


Please excuse the junk pictures my wife took her camera when she moved...


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Haha, it's like I'm seeing double. I just posted something similar in my build thread. I wonder if CJPP sells an entire "weather stripping replacement kit" that covers everything. That would be AWESOME because I'd be doing that now.

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Door hinges well have to be adjusted back. Window I believe has a stop that might need adjusting

I really appreciate your help, to adjust the window, do I just pull the panel off and mess with it under there? And to adjust the door, how do I do that? Sorry, never messed with this before


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Yes you would have to take the door panel off to access the regulator. The door is a little trickier. If you've never done it I would stop by a body shop and ask then how much to adjust it

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I'd love to see a complete list of weather strip for SN verts. I can't find it anywhere. There's another piece of weather strip that goes between the dash and the door that is near impossible to find. I'll take pictures tonight if I get home in daylight.

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