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Electrical systems, go fist yourself

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SO I need help! I killed my car today. Did the wiring for my center console, nbd. Plugged it in, started it, backed the car up to move cars around. Everything was fine. Noticed my wideband wasn't reading anything, just had three dashes. So I shut the car off. Turn the key back on, and it kinda makes like a little funny noise, like a short noise? and nothing. No headlights, no radio, no lights, no anything. Unplugged the center console since that was the only wiring that I messed with. Checked underhood fuses, all checked out good. Still pulling 12.45v to the battery. In the process of checking the underdash fuses but after that I got no idea where to look. HELP PLEASE!

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Mine was bad in the red gt, did the same stuff, check it, don't try it over and over though, mine fried the ignition switch connector wiring, had to order a new ignition switch pigtail from autozone, check fuse #18

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SO this is kinda fucked. pulled out the relays, just tried swapping postion. Guess what? Everything works again except my wideband still. I think it's gotta be grounding out somewhere. No idea. Back up on jackstands it goes =\

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