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Xbox issues, need help

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I picked up this xbox at an auction, worked fine for the couple minutes that they turned it on at the auction. I brought it home, went and bought forza 4, and put it on. It plays for about 5-7 minutes, then shuts off and says the system got to hot. I've tried setting a fan by it, and putting it on a stand for more airflow but it continues to do it. Anybody on here have that problem. I don't want to buy another xbox for one game. I would rather just fix this one.

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yea but most of the time its super hard to find where the connections are breaking. there are some tutorials out there on how you can place a system board in the oven at like 400* for a couple min and it jsut resolders everything, but its a temporary fix. You could also crack open the case and see if the heatsinks are covered in cat/dog hair and dirt/dust.

When mine started doing that, i traded it in at gamestop for the new style xbox, the black boxed one.

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RROD is when you see the lights around the power button turn red and it wont stay on, it is the single most common failure of older model Xbox 360's

Red ring of death... Happened to me with my Xbox. Sent it to Microsoft and in like 2 weeks I had a replacement cause it was under warranty! BOOM! lol

Sent from my secretary!!!

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i had the same problem with mine i cracked it open disasembled the board and ordered new heat sinks and turned the fan up so its on full blast always and then resodered the board hasnt messed up in over 2 years...

if you need any help with it just pm me.


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