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So our temporary roommate comes through the door cursing up a storm a few hours ago, I get her to chill out and tell me what happened. Apparently when she was pulling into the neighborhood some kid pulled to the stop sign taking up 3/4 if the road so she swerved to not hit him head on, and BOOM rear tire to curb. She put a hole in the tire big enough for my fingers to fit in. Luckily for her, the tires are a month old and she has free replacement.(the kid drove off) anyways, here is the resulting damage to tire...


I pulled it in the carport, jacked it up, pulled the rim, and she and my wife ran it to the place she had the rims put on. She had already called them and they ordered it and had it overnighted for her at no cost to her. Should be ready for pickup tomorrow afternoon. (Beach Ford for any of you locals, they were a HUGE help)

Sent from my secretary!!!

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really? beach ford did something right?

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really? beach ford did something right?

This right here WTF is the world coming to?

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