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Help finding a gremlin

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So I have a 94 mustang gt with a auto. Mods are, Cobra intakes, CAI, Ported stock heads, E303, 1.7 rockers, LT headers, o/r x pipe, flow 1 chambers and a bama chip.

The car runs great. Idles perfect goes down the road fine. No odd smells or noises. Then 3 times while going down the highway maybe after 5 miles, it starts to miss on multipule cylinders, runs massively rich to the point there is black smoke coming out the back, Plugs were black, and it chokes and wont move. After it sits for along period it will run like normal again. One time I got it off the truck, started it and pulled in to my driveway WTF.

So i replaced some parts, Plugs, coil, ignition control module, Full brand new distributor, coolant temp sensor, Mass air meter, and I also shut the tune off and put it back to stock. Started it up it up, idles fine, I let it idle for 30 mins in my driveway no troubles, drive it around my area local streets everything is fine. Take it work the next day and bam same spot almost it starts to crap out again... The only sensor I have not replaced on this car is the o2 sensors. I have them just havent put them on yet.

The car has another problem that started at the same time. The battery light is on. I check the alt on the car running its putting out great amps and running at around the 14.25 like it should and the tester said the diodes were good. So i figured the battery was a little low from sitting for awhile. I put it on my battery tenderer, once fully charged I put it back in the car, fire it up and still a battery light. I can only guess that these two problems are related, I have checked the fuse under the hood its good.

So im going to check the grounds, but if they are all good what could this be. If I wanted to add another just for ####s where should I add it? I have a battery relocation, with a ground from battery to frame in the rear, and 2 or 3 block to frames in the front.

Any ideas are welcome. Thanks guys.

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Well I redid both the ecu grounds. Cleaning the one on the chassis next to the ecu. Then made ground from the battery in the trunk to the ground at the firewall. havent had time to test it yet.

- - - Updated - - -

pulled the chip to. Havent tested yet

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