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foxbody front accessories on 94-95 GT

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Water pump and timing cover are year specific I believe, so u would need to change that up


Ah yes that as well. I assumed that's what he meant when he said front accessories

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There are a few people who have done it. There are clearance issues here and there. You do need a new timing cover and water pump. I'm not sure if the stock hood will clear. I think all the cars I saw it on had a raised hood. You can re use your 3G alternator, you just have to grind a little out of the bottom of the fox alternator bracket to clear. It will not clear the stock electric fan, CCRM or coolant over flow. The coolant overflow and CCRM have to be relocated. I think you can modify or reposition the stock fan to make it fit. This all goes out the window if the blower is on an independent drive. That's a whole new can of worms.


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as mentioned timing cover water pump acc and brackets. It will move everything closer to your rad hence why you need to relocate ccrm and crap. Mines all fox stuff then again I only have alt and blower along with a rad mod that put it into the core support so no clearance issues even with 8 rib blower pulley.

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