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This weeks project need your opinions

what to do with the back end.  

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  1. 1. what to do with the back end.

    • spoilerless
    • S281
    • Buy a V6 decklid and get it painted as well as the 281 to swap around as I feel like?

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I was surprised to get a check this weekend for a class action lawsuit that I applied for last year. Decided to splurge a bit and finally get some pieces painted that I have been holding onto. First the chin spoiler there is no question about. Shinoda, will be painted and installed I just love how it smoothes out the line into the side exhaust skirts as well as the fact I never see them. post-61-13881838263553_thumb.jpg. I am waiting for the sun goes down to get some better pics and will update then but what do you guys think?


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With that big ole chin spoiler I think you're gonna need something on the ass end to keep it flowing. Better pictures would definitely help but I got a feeling it'll look unbalanced without something back there

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