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DIY C.O.P. Conversion - No, not the one with red/blue lights & sirens!

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Alright guys, I'm making this thread because when I went to do my C.O.P. conversion I couldn't find a proper write up online for myself, though I own a mustang based shop, even I myself will stumble across something I've never done before, it's nothing to be ashamed of as we are all human at the end of the day.

Searching through the internet all I could find on this type of thing was the red/green wire is power, rest is negative, go figure it out!

So, damn it I did !

Anyway enough of small talk, let's get to business!

Here are the key things you're going to need:

A Mustang - preferably one with a v8 - 16 valve or 32 valve

Coil over plugs - these can be found cheap - there's many options, pm me and I can help you out

Wiring & connectors - Also, many options. You can either build your own harness or use an existing one out of a lincoln, 99+ cobra/gt, whatever works best for you.


Extra wire - This can come in handy in case you cut the harness you're gonna use shorter than you should have

A good solder

Solder flux

Some more beer

A friend to loan you a hug in case you get frustrated - Bromance.

So if you've met the first part of the criteria, then this is essentially what's hiding under your hood - Nasty. Don't just throw it away, this thing's important for the time being!


What needs to be understood about this whole system that Ford has setup for is very simple, the middle wire (Red w/ green stripe) that plugs into each coilpack is simply a power wire. It does nothing else. It comes on when you flip the key open.


Now that we know what those wires do, we can put wire does up to the positive side of each coil pack and that leaves us with two negative signal wires on each side.

Every coil over plug has a positive and a negative. The positive is constant (when key is on) and the negative side is the pulse the coil pack receives when the computer says hey lazy ass, give this cylinder some spark so we can get moving


Notice the B+ sign over red/green wire on the right side? Each coil over plug has this B+ sign on it, this is where you run your 12v power to on each coil. You want to use a wire that's the same color for this, it's going to make life easier, Ford did it this way, you might as well join the party :juggle:

Now, here's where things get a little tricky. You need to know the firing order of these motors. No worries though, if you have the original coil packs and have left the spark plugs wires untouched and plugged in then you're already on the right path! Or you can just look at the pictures I have posted up for you - Bromance!

Driver's side coil pack


Passenger side coil pack -


Illustration of firing order -


After it's been identified you need to run the wires from each cylinder (c.o.p.) to the correct trigger. Since each trigger fires off two cylinders at a time, this is real easy to do, almost easier than plugging in the factory spark plug wires.

Here's my harness bare kinda showing it's guts - You want to lay out your C.O.P. as if they're on the motor, run your trigger wires and get them ready to plug into/splice into/solder into your factory harness (whichever method works for you - Here I have my trigger wires labeled, it isn't all that important for somebody else because the colors of my C.O.P. wires won't be the same as yours


After it's all been connected together you want to double check everything is correct then plug into your factory harness, here are the colors and their purposes. The driver's side has two red wires but only one has a yellow stripe, the one with the yellow stripe is the trigger wire


Once it's all connected, make sure to do a test run - If your test run is successful, wire loom - finish it up and bam! instaclean


If something doesn't make sense or seems difficult to understand feel free to make suggestions guys, this write up is for all of you to have full access to and I'm only going to support you with this to the best of my abilities and make sure all the information is correct and easy to understand!

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Haven't seen you on the site in forever @Stable Master , stop by and let us know how the car is coming along! I always wondered how the Torch Red repaint turned out, last picture I saw was it right after it rolled out of paint.

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