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Possible future project in mind. Mk VIiI Mustang

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So if I decide to do a Mk VIII 4V swap into GT (98-04 Body) would the 2V computer run the 4V and would you be able to correct everything with an SCT tuner and tune or would I need the 4V computer to run the engine even though the computer will be for an automatic and I want to make the car a 5 sped stick. Or if I want to drop the 4V into an older 94-97 302 car can you make the computer work with a stick.

This is not going to happen any time soon, maybe if every thing happens right in the world after the 1st of the year. I am just trying to formulate things in my mind so I have an idea of what I am getting into.

I am also considering going the really cheap route and doing this to a V6 car, in which case I know I will have to use the V-8 computer. I also realize I will have to put in a 8.8 rear axle, but those can be had from pick-n-pull on the cheap. i would keep it looking like a V-6 just to screw with people

Just thinking out load, what does everyone think

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He is talking about a Lincoln Mk VIII 4V engine! ..not the Mustang 4V..just saying. I don't what these engines share, I just thought I would highlight that part!

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I did this exact swap. If you have a 2v car currently, the swap is pretty direct. Only have to lengthen a few wires. I have been running my stock GT tune on the 4v for about 2 years now, no issues. Imm sure its down on power, but it runs it just fine and im getting about 23mpg on the highway with 4.10's.

My only complaint about this swap, is if you want to go with a B head cobra motor, buy a complete motor or donor car. The shit is getting super hard to find for the 96-98 cobras. I would do a c head swap if do go this route, plus, you can then do an eaton install pretty easily down the road!

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