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Ford 7.5" rear differential

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I've been contemplating installing a LSD into my V6 Mustang for sometime; and have been searching for an 8.8 whole back end to just swap in, but haven't found one at a cheap enough price. The car is my DD and has some 450k on it, so it might become more of a project car, so to say. After some research it seems that the ford ranger and et el also used the 7.5" diff with the t-lok. My question is would there be any year restrictions on where the donar differential can come from? Eg would a 1989 vs 1996 vs 2000 ford ranger be sufficient if it has the 7.5" t-lok im looking for?

Also, are these diffs interchangable enough I can bolt my existing ring to them? I..e bolt pattern would be the same?

I've found some info at the below very helpful links, but they don't really venture out into what other vechicles you can nerf a diff from and use.





Any advice would be appreciated



Ontario, Canada.

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what [MENTION=280]Schiffy[/MENTION] said. a 7.5" is a 7.5" no matter what vehicle it is in. The only differences that are possible are the length and splines of the axles, and anything outside of the "pumpkin."

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Thank you for taking the time to read my write-ups.

As others have said; Any ford 7.5" will fit your 7.5" regardless of the year and model.

- - - Updated - - -

How much are 8.8's going for in your area, just outa curiosity? As far as diffs go, if its a 7.5", it should all bolt into your 7.5". Ring gear and all that is. I didn't know the rangers had 7.5's.

4 cyl. Rangers came with a 7.5"

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just a random thought here, can you find a bare 8.8 rear end, without anything in it, and then go find a diff and gears from an 8.8 explorer? Might help drive the cost down a little bit, you'd still need brakes and axles, but its an idea!

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Thanks for all the replies. I feel a little silly for asking but its good to know that any 7.5" diff I find could be useful! If I had the 8.8 back end, without a diff, I'd be all set, as there is a 8.8 "diff only " lsd for $200 on the local kijiji. The yards around here are asking ~400 for the whole V8 rear end (lsd or not) which seems pretty high, I mean in contrast that's 1/3 the price of buying a write-off.

For what its worth thanks very much for all the good info on this site! For anyone else venturing down the rob a ranger road; I found this link with the axel codes that might speed up the junk yard diving.


This would be way easier if I could find a junked V8 back end, at least I'd have thepumpkin and axel setup, etc. The 8.8 diffs seem way more common, and of course I'd love to have something beefier anyways.

BTW has anyone toyed with the idea of shoving a 3.5 L EcoBoost V6 into a SN95 chassis? I suppose it most likely won't fit with all the extra goodness bolted onto the sides of the engine head.


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