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Building the 94-95 Mustang!

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i love that in part 3, im pretty sure they are showing a 4v lincoln mark viii motor as a demonstration of how motors work. when they were using the pushrod 5.0 and the 3.8 lol

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sweet......i havnt seen this since my freshman year civics class
What would this have to do with a civics class? I mean unless you mean like the car - in which case I imagine it was just a warning of what to not race? :)
*sigh* not one comment or like haha

Sorry for the lack of enthusiasm but as he said its been a long time since I saw it. I was excited the first time as well and watched it from beginning to the end.

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lol just curious since I have no idea what civics(other then the car) has to do with mustangs being built. Was it just the last day of the semester and the teacher threw a tape in that someone had with them?

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