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Took the gt to the track Friday night not to happy.

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So I took the gt to the track again this past friday. This was the only video I got and it was against my friends sprayed auto TA. Neither of our cars are running like they should. My car has gears, exhaust, cai, and a 100 shot. I was on et street slicks and he was on DR's. My car should be in the 7s. My time slip as followed 1.75 60' 8.27 @ 84mph. This is also only my third time being on the drag strip so I'm still learning the car and what not. Is there any advice you all can give me that will help out on my et?

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Stock intake looses effictiveness over 6k to 6400. I would see how the car does NA and see what it runs. It didnt spin out of the hole and the 60' is solid for what you have for suspension. The only thing that makes power in this car is the spray so if the tune isnt right on that would drop you down a hair. Remember this car in 1320 really would only run low 14 high 13's. I dont know a whole lot on spray but I do know between the tune, bottle temp/pressure is critical. If those were ok, and the tune is good on the car, I wouldnt worry about it and just say work on being smooth for shifts and launch.

My car even with gears never saw an 8.0 1/8th but I never power shifted it.

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