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4.6 to 5.4 4V swap.

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im pretty sure i have some 5.4 swap links somewhere. pay attention to your facebook. ill send them when i find them


first 2 posts did not surprise me at all

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Lol what? Whats up man, what you need done?

- - - Updated - - -

Guy on corral has new adapter plates, its awesome because it'll fit navigator c heads or regular cobra heads. Another thing to note is that you can run a 2011 Coyote intake manifold into the Navigator C heads and seals 100%. Just got to do a couple of modifications and thats it. Use a fox 80mm throttle body to use the IAC and be good to go.


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Get yourself a tubular k-member, 1/2" k-member spacers, mod the navigator heads to accept a boss intake (5.0 coyote), mod some 1-3/4" longtubes to fit, install some descent 106400 cams/springs, forged internals, 10.5:1-11:1 compression, rev to 7k, call it a day. Or if you don't want to do the mods to make the coyote intake work do the sullivan or a mach ported intake with adapters.

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Really! Nice! I wonder what needs to be done to install it in my 03 CVPI?

cvpi ...im assuming crown vic police interceptor...... you will need some work. I have a good friend who did a C head, teksid block swap to a 94 Merc and it was some interesting things he ran into..

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