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Buying A Used Transmission For Dummies

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I'm looking to buy a used manual transmission in the upcoming months. However, I am a noob and don't really know what to look for to make sure it's a good transmission.

Obviously no grinding, shaft play, etc..

What else should I look for in regards to signs of wear and damage?

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if you can open it up, check the edges of the teeth for wear or anything out of the norm. Go through the gears with the shifter. if you can have someone spin the shafts while you run through the gears that should be smooth too. What kinda trans are you looking for?

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I've got one with 35k kms your fairly close to me ... 65 year old guy owned it since new

I wonder if you're willing to help a brother out lol :apologetic: The ones in my area are going for $250-300. Shipping will probably still be alot cause of weight no?

About 20K miles sounds really nice though. I can only dream.

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Yea no doubt shipping would be a bit pricey . I haven't got my pardon yet to go to the states but it's in the works ... So thus summer I'll be coming to see a lot of y'all

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I've been going through this runaround lately because I need a new trans too.


- For a t-5.  They are cheap to rebuild and easy to open up and take a look at.  If its lower mileage and you trust the guy and the price is right there you go.


-For a t-45.  The t-45 is notorious for bent forks, problems shifting at high RPM and getting stuck in reverse.  I honestly would not buy one you cannot drive in the car before its pulled.  


-For a 3650.  THESE have a ford TSB out on them for problems with the 1-2 fork, syncrhos and they have plastic pads on the forks.  I would not buy one of these either without first test driving it in a running car and then having it pulled.  


In all honesty buying a used trans is a crapshoot.  You might get lucky and get one that runs great for 100k or you might find it grinds 3rd gear on the first drive.  For the prices I've seen for "good" used T-45 and 3650s I'd just pony up the extra for a rebuilt one.  


First place I am looking is here.  Stan has helped me out with a lot of trans related advice on the corral for free already:




Then there is Zak at the t45source/3650source who also took a lot of time to talk me through all the different options and I hear nothing but rave reviews about his work.




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I got the tranny like 3 months ago lol.


It's a T-45 from a 96 GT.

Lol well then, I hope its working out for you, I want to light my T-45 on fire...  I'm most likely going to go with the first place I linked for a rebuilt 3650 with all the fixes done to it.  I have gotten told by multiple reputable shops that when the fixes are done the 3650 is rock solid and a better choice than the TKO.  Mine should be good up to 500hp where the 10 spline shaft will have to be replaced with a 26. 


Another reason to go with the 3650 over the t-45 is that there are now aftermarket gearsets being made for the 3650 with stronger alloys.  Nothing for the 45.  Even the t-5 has rock solid gearsets for it.  The .62 overdrive in the 3650 is a nice bonus too.

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