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8.70s w/ 2.3 TVS….no way...

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WAY! Man what a weekend! Headed down to MIR for their annual World Cup Finals and although the 3 day race started of VERY slow, my first pass showed promise w/ a 1.24 60'! I ended up making a few more adjustments throughout the weekend and the car stayed consistent FINALLY…..after 2 years of trying to get it launch good. It still needs some "fine tuning" but its there for the most part. The air was insane although as it got better my ET/MPH did not. The converter might be losing efficiency or maybe thats all the TVS could pull in? Not sure yet but will square it away for next year.

I qualified #9 out of 52 cars after our first qualifier and was bumper to #12 out of 56 after the 2nd qual pass. I was very happy considering out of the top 16 cars I had 152mph and the next closest was 158mph and up to 180mph! I ended up losing in round #3 against an 8.4 Honda. Had him on the tree (my .078 to his .150) but he went right by at the 1000' going 171mph. Still had a great time and wish MIR was my home track. Not many places you can go and race in 38 degree weather and the track is still pulling off shoes. Here are my slips and a couple pics….video to follow!!!


In lanes prior to round 3 at 11pm fb2e8ddb-9434-4865-ad17-e894de7536d0_zpse9b4a784.jpg

My worst 60' of 1.27 was this shot 60467a5e-0184-43c5-82aa-42cdacd7e986_zpsda85ab39.jpg

and the slips on order 8c108e11-2f5a-4caf-bf4d-c7d11e703bbc_zps438a2349.jpg

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