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5.4 2V Single Turbo Project

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Long story short this is my Best buddy's car, He never really gets on the Forums so i figured i would put his car out there for you guys to check out.After a few inconsistent runs at the track and the clutch letting go he grabbed the built 4R70W w/ 3000 stall out of the Cobra when i parted it out.Had a few issues along the way and just got the valve body issue sorted out today, as well as dropping down from a 76mm to a 70mm turbo with a slightly smaller exhaust housing.With the 5 Speed the car had a little trouble building boost out of the hole or in 1st gear for that matter but still manged a few solid passes in the 11.9-12.9 area.

Car is full weight daily drive-able street car with a/c Power steering etc etc

Here is a Video of it on the Dyno as well as a little test pass on the street. At 15 Psi it laid down 522-650 by the end of the Day.

That weekend we took it to the track to see what it could do, had some boost and traction issues but the car still did well.

Since then the car has had The 4R70W installed with 3000rpm stall, UPR Tubular A arms installed, Front Sway bar Removed and he picked up a set of front runners.

Here is some video i took while riding along @ 12-13 PSI.

Plans are to hit the Track this Friday with a little more boost and see if we can manage getting kicked out for not having a cage:blue:

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Well we made it out to the track last night, but was not aware that they had a Grudge racing event going on. We thought it was the basic test and tune Friday night so they were open from 6-11:30 and we only got to make two passes and had tranny/tune issues on both passes :(

We plan to get back out there sometime soon to work the bugs out. But on top of working the bugs out.The 3000k Stall that I think was rated for 400hp didn't live to long and we had to pull it the other night so now the cars running a stock junk converter and were back to building 0 Boost out of the hole and are still currently running on low boost until we get the transmission shifting correctly.

Here is a in car GoPro Video of the 12.7 @ 116 Pass with a garbage 2.x 60'


Another Gopro Outside of the car, giving his buddy with a Bolt-On Gt a 2 sec headstart. Fast Forward to 4Mins in the video...


Here is some camera phone video I took of both runs.

12.7 @ 116

12.3 @ 118

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