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identify this wing please :)

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i bought this a couple summers ago and the guy took it directly off of his 95 gt. he said it was an oem wing but wtf lol? it kinda looks like one but its shorter and sits back off the trunk lid. i've never seen one like it and want to sell it but have no idea what it's called. anyone know?



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the 2 pieces are from the chair in the center lol. it only has the 2 not 4 ha.

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Weird S281 replica? The middle "legs" step down on yours, which is different than an S281 though...hmm


that pic makes it look like it has two legs in the middle lolol. it just has the outter 2 legs. thats the arms on the chair you see ha!

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Not OEM orS281..Ebay wing if I ever saw one. Look at the waves on the back end, Im getting sea sick just lookin at it.

you see waves? it has zero waves lol. straight as an arrow my man.

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