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hey guys i have a 95 v6 with 97 engine, and was thinking about getting another engine to upgrade slowly as i go. just curious on what your thoughts where. still keeping it a v6. or keep the 97 and throw m90 on her

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well i bought the car 3 or 4 months ago.. they sold it to me with a blown head gasket. o.0 they were worried about heat damage so they replaced it with a 97 junkyard motor. its sad i know im sorry lol. was thinking about getting another motor to play with and upgrade. sence i cant take this 1 out only car

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nty im fine with v6. i seen u were talking about m112 from 03-04 cobra do you still need adapterplate for 97 also?

You are correct sir!


To my knowledge there are no M112 adapter-plates for the single ports (94-98 V6), you would need to do the split port swap to make it work with your car.

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MMR is correct.

Are you interested in just staying with the single port 3.8? Or would you be open to a splitport or 4.2 swap?

If you want to stay single port 3.8, do the m90 supercoupe swap. I'm not too knowledgable about the m90 swap. I'd look into getting the whole engine, but not sure if its easier to just swap things over or do a complete transplate.

If you're open to do an engine swap, I'd recommend doing the 4.2 out of the f-150 and pairing it with a m112 supercharger (my current setup). You can also do a similar setup up with the splitport 3.8, but go 4.2 or go home.

Regardless, give SSM (super six motorsports) a look. They have great boost and N/A options, a bit pricey but worth it.

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Its also going to depend how much patient and willingness you have.

The supercoupe is a 3.8. So basically the m90 and that whole setup is design for that engine.

The 4.2 swap with m112, well now you're combing a whole bunch of different vehicles and trying to get it to all play nicely together.

The 4.2 and m112 imo is much cooler and beast. But the m90 is pretty cool too, that setup looks like alien technology.

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