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Latest Addition to the Fauxbra

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Hey Guys,


     This modification has been in the works for a while and I finally got it completed last Thursday. I have had the Carbon Fiber leather shift boot and 5 speed shift knob since FRPP first offered them for sale in 03. A few months ago, I decided to put a new edge console in my car so that it would have real cup holders. One of my friends pointed out that the 03 Anniversary Cobra had a Carbon Fiber Leather E-Brake Handle and E-Brake boot. Well, after that, nothing else would do, I had to have the Carbon Fiber stuff!!!

     I sourced the 03 Anniversary console from Billy at MPS. I finally found an e-brake handle on E-Bay. Then I got the dye from LRS. The flash from the pictures makes the color look lighter than it is. The color is dead on but needs a couple of swipes with a dirty armor all cloth to completely match the dash. The lid that you see in the pics is my original because the vinyl dye that I received was a bad can and doesn't match worth a flip. LRS is sending me a new can so that I can use the 03 lid.

     The biggest PITA was the e-brake handle. the mounting bracket is totally different. I had to cut and have the tab re-welded to the back so that it would bolt in properly. Works like a champ now. I also had to mount my convertible switch inside the compartment in the console because I did not want to change my shifter and center stack. I am completely pleased with the way it turned out. Hope you guys enjoy!


      I included pictures of the original leather Cobra brake handle, the original 03 Carbon Fiber brake handle, and the modified bracket on the 03 brake handle in case any of you guys are considering a similar project.








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Looks awesome! Terminator console swaps are such an underrated modification on our cars! Glad to see it came out right. Great job on the ebrake modification. I'm sure it completes the look. I just kept my original one.

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