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Hi all! I go by Jalien on all online forums--I'm from California and right now the weather sucks (raining)! I bought a 2000 GT (all stock) in July. It has it's issues but I must say, it's a step up from my (now broken) FSVT! Having driven the car for a bit now, I am wanting a 96+ Cobra--not only for the extra HP but for the IRS--I have to say, I'm not too fond of the solid axle :P Regardless of my own opinion(s), I love the car! I love that at the push of a switch I can light up both tires at ease XD I love the cockpit too: i'ts a little snug but perfect for my size. Since it's stock, it looks like a truck! The fender gap is HUGE even on 18's. My plans (if I keep it) are to: drop it, get a Cobra R front bumper and rebuild the engine. Any suggestions are welcomed.

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you can swap out the solid axle in your car for an IRS.  check out the chronicles of the OCD machine in the build thread section.  he went crazy with his but all the info for what you would need is in there to perform the swap.

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