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atlanticblue98's 2000 Amazon Green build

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Just picked up this car to replace my cobra that had been sitting in the driveway for a very long time. car is mostly un-molested as it only has a B&M short throw, true dual Flowmaster 40's, and the OEM Bullitt wheels.


mods will come slow and basic as i would like a faster mustang in 2 years or so. but i have no problem with making this car look good with the usual Mach chin, grille, springs, gt rear bumper, tint, and probably new wheels at some point. if i grow attatched to it more later down the road i may want to do more








i'll get some pics outside of the driveway soon

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Very clean! I have a buddy with the same exact model/trim/color and he started much the way you did. Now he has himself a fully forged 4.3 stroker and a truckload of suspension in it. Quite  fun little car. 

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Well after a month of just driving the car. My mother decided not to look behind her when she backed out of the driveway and took out my mirror, scratched my fender, and dented my door. Bought a new mirror, and they'll be paying to get the dent removed and painting the fender and door. But its getting fixed which is all that matters to me.

When I bought the mirror I snagged a gt hood scoop off the comp orange gt in the junkyard.

So far just one coat of green, still need more for better coverage. Then clear coat will be sprayed.





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