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Springs coupe vs convertible

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I have a few questions about springs?
1 Could I install H & R springs from 00 'convertible to my 95 GT coupe?
2 Is any difference between the front springs in coupe vs convertible (factory springs from v6)


I ask because I can replace the factory V6 springs, which lie in my garage for 3 years on a set of H & R with a small surcharge.

Guy wants change springs in his 00 v6 convertible and he has standard convertible springs for rear.


But it lacks the springs on the front

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I'll try to answer.  


1.  the springs from the 00 convertible will also fit in your 95.


2.  coupe vs convertible front springs should be the same for the v6.  Not sure if GT and v6 springs are different


- someone please correct me if I'm wrong.

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i thought the main difference was the spring rates between the v6 and gt models?

That is what I thought.  coupe vs vert, they are the same.  but v6 vs GT are probably different. I know that the fox body 4cyl springs were very different than the v8 springs.  

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yeah they'll fit no problem.  H&R sells different springs for different years and coupes/converts probably because they have slightly different spring rates.  if you can do em cheap I would, will greatly increase the look of the car.

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Thank you for your answers.
I can buy them for half price, I hope that my friend decides to sell.

Because it is already high time to get my GT went down.

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finally colleague has not sold me H & R springs. But I have no regrets because I bought the Eibach Pro-Kit for 94-95 Gt Coupe.

So someone else has to check if there are any differences between  springs in coupe vs convertible

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