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Lmao.. I figured someone would just click it and go to my pb.

I missed my fr500s, so when these came out it was a obvious choice. I did 17x6 up front and 15x10 in the rear. They are really light!!

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I recognize the car and name now. Been trying to figure it out since your welcome thread. Welcome and nice to have you.

Dare I say it, but I've always thought 325s were a bit much for these cars. If the stance and wheel offset/backspacing is spot on they look fine but otherwise they look a bit balloon-ish, like a 70s street machine with the rake and fat tires sticking out.

I think 275/60s look good, not too skinny or wide and the 28" tall tire fills the wheel well nicely.

I would figure out what size tire your combo really needs though and go from there. I have the feeling that too many people choose their big/little wheels and tires on looks alone. Not saying you do, but just an observation.

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Nah I actually bought these to race. After my first night out at the track on my 18s i had to get into a better tire. Pretty much was doing burnouts half way down the track. I went 17x6 in front because of course every now and then they'll see the street.

I agree on the 275, but the 295 looks good too. Plus its a recommended size for the wheel. Ill probably end up with a 275 anyways. Im not rushing.. im broke. I just dropped a bunch with chris@bbrc for the rest of my fuel parts.

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