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SLP Catted X-pipe

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Okay guys and gals...need some advice/help.support. I like many other mustangs nuts went out and bought an x-pipe for my 1996 GT 5speed. Sounds good right? well i live in california so i got stuck having to buy a set with cats, sure a little more expensive but thats okay, I saved up and chose to buy the SLP X-pipe. I am so bummed out. The part really really doesnt fit my car. Loved the exhaust note, but the fitment is very poor. I cant have the pipes flush with car because it doesnt even fit through the crossmember. so it had to hang down. I was scrapping so much that i gave up and put the stock one on.


Any advice? I thought of taking it to a shop and letting them hack it up to try and fit, but a shop owner said it would be a lot of work and prob end up paying the full price of x-pipe just fixing it.


Am i the only one with this prob? Is it worth fixing it? Buy another brand? No matter what i read on sites like American muscle or whatnot it is 50/50 if x-pipes fit. Almost want to try UPR....but haven't heard too much.


Sorry for the long write up....just fustrated and want my 96 to purrr again.

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Did you verify that it's the right one for your car? I haven't heard much negative about the fitment of SLP stuff, I would have been calling them immediately when it didn't fit, sending photos and asking for a replacement. Not sure they'd be willing to work with you as much now since it's scraped up.


It sounds to me like the exhaust shop was exaggerating or just taking advantage of the situation, unless they charge an insane amount of labor for their services. Any shop not trying to rip you off should be willing to fix it up for $100-150 or so.

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yeah i called slp and checked. slp was really helpful. but in the end they said every car is different so a little modification is required. plus because i did the install myself, not shop...i was to blame......bummer.


i think i will try another shop and see if i can get a quote. really hard to find an honest good shop, but i will keep looking.


thanks 95riosnake...by the way...think i am in love with your car.


I really liked how the o2 ports on the SLP are moved to better locations and SOOO much easier to install than the factory H-pipe. Its just weird that no one else has heard of fitment issues, or maybe they dont mind as much I do about fitment.

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interesting idea...but by cutting that bracket off, won't I be weakening that support area??? Also took car to a exhaust shop near where i live and they had a 2001 GT in the shop a year or so ago with major fitment issues with a SLP x-pipe too. so guess i will have it cut up and roll with that for awhile until I find another setup. really want a side exit system...bought a Borla side exhaust but it is pretty rough plus it has roush tips on it...so not sure....plus i want subframe connectors...lol

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did you loosen all the bolts and use a jack/stand to push/hold it up while you tighten everything down?


I was lucky to find a magnaflow high flowing catted-x pipe on craigslist for only $100 when I was doing my exhaust down in phoenix 5 yrs ago.  fitment was perfect and nice and tight if your looking for a plug on a product.  Now that I live in Indiana where there is no emissions laws I have realized I could sell it for more then I have in it and go catless.  Hell I could recycle it for more then $100, couldn't believe when I found it as the car wasn't lowered and didn't have a mark on it.

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