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Teskid Block Drain Plug Location

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I am looking to relocate my autometer coolant temp sensor to the block for better ground, my coolant crossover delete doesn't provide a ground and I had to solder a ground to it. I was looking and my block is not like the rest of the teskid blocks, below is a picture of where the drain plug SHOULD be:




I simply have a blank spot but I did find that on both sides under the motor mounts there is a plug but that is not going to work, I will never be able to get the sensor in there and it might get damaged. Does anyone know anywhere else I can locate my sender? Someone suggested putting it in the heater core hose, would this work & would it be accurate?


EDIT: Apparently the heater core design is different than MARK VIII (cobra doesn't have a threaded insert)

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Not looking to do that, I want to find an existing location.

The blocks in the car now right? That makes it rough, it'd be no big deal if it was out to buzz a little hole in there
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just curious, can you post a pic of how you ended up doing it?    Theres gotta be a better way :-/


Just ground a washer out to fit around the 3/8 npt adapter and solder a ground to the battery. I will get a picture later, it works so I am happy. 

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