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Understeer, help iRoush

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Ok Brett @iRoush A while back we spoke about my autocross experience and the issue I am having of understeer. With the information I gave you, you tried explaining to me what has been needed. From my understanding, your advise was for me to work more on the rear of the vehicle which has me slightly confused. So, I am hoping you could actually elaborate here for me. As a reminder, I am running with... MM FLSFC MM Bumpsteer Kit MM CC plates (-2 degrees camber/ max caster) Bilstein HD struts/shocks H&R SS Springs. Wouldn't the work on the rear suspension make it grip more and cause me to understeer worse with my current front suspension setup? Help me out love.

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LOL, sorry guys.


Realistically Solar, the best way to tune out understeer is by adding either a watts or panhard bar so you can adjust roll center (you need to also eliminate the UCA's because those cause a super high Roll Center). From there you can play with roll center height and if need be go to a bigger rear sway bar (the ford 25mm bar works well for me up to this point). There's so many large problems that need to be addressed to correct the understeer the SN95 chassis has, there's numerous ways to do it, I recommend doing everything at once (coilovers, 3-link, watts link/phb, etc. etc.) but if you can't the aforementioned methods will temporarily resolve the understeer.

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