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Maximum Motorports Progressive Urethane Pinon Snubber:

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Got this to go with Bullitt springs. Didn't like the exposed bolt in the center and thought if it really bottomed all the way, the bolt head would contact the axle housing. My solution was to use a pan head bolt and then stuff a hard rubber BMW radiator mount (bullet shaped rubber part in center of photo) into the hole in the urethane snubber. This rubber part has to be forced into place with a 13/16" socket, and will stay put. It will prevent the bolt head from ever making contact with the axle.




Note that I swapped out the 3/8" bolt for a 6mm x 1.0mm button-head allen with a 3/8" sleeve. This was just some hardware I had laying on the bench and since the snubber sees compressive forces and not shearing forces, I think the fastner is up to the job at hand...FWIW



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i'd be really surprised if you ever did actually bottom out with Bullitt springs.  they don't lower the car much.  good solution though that others can replicate

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